The Perfect Gift for Your Bridal Party

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Recently, I worked with Kristie, a bride who knew just what she wanted — from the décor to the dress to the menu, she had it all figured out. However, the one thing she just could not decide on was what to get her bridesmaids. I find this to be a common problem with many of my brides; they search high and low for a gift that would make all of their bridesmaids happy, while also sufficiently conveying their gratitude. Well, to solve this conundrum, I suggest gifting your girls with an iPod! Who doesn’t love music? And with various models at price points ranging from $49 to $249, this gift can suit any bride’s budget. My personal favorite is the newly redesigned iPod nano. It features a touch screen and comes in an array of colors — for those wondering, Kristie chose the light blue to match her wedding color scheme. The best part is that you can even custom engrave the back with a special message, like your wedding date, a simple “Thank You” or even the bride and groom’s name, for that added personal touch. Speaking of the groom, Kristie’s husband Thom decided to purchase the iPod for his groomsmen as well!

To check out the specs on the iPod nano (along with Apple’s many other offerings), click here!


  1. WOW! That is an awesome idea! I was stressing over the “perfect gift” for months. Love the iPod idea. Thanks Michael.

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