Recommended Reading: Vera Wang’s Rules for Saying “I Do”

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Can you feel it? Wedding season is in full tilt! As myriad spring brides are probably scrambling to finalize and perfect every last detail of their nuptials, the genius staff at Women’s Wear Daily brought out the big guns and called upon Vera Wang — go-to wedding gown designer and a true Bridal Idol, if you will — for her Top 10 Wedding Day Dos. This article is full of pearls of wisdom, and is a must-read for any bride. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. “Feeling comfortable in your appearance is incredibly important. If you feel comfortable with the way you look, you will radiate the most confidence.”

4. “Go easy on the bouquet. Bouquets that are too large or too loud will detract from the dress.”

8. “It is just as important to have black-and-white photography done as it is to have color. Black and white is chic and timeless.”

10. “Savor the moment. There’s a tendency when people get married to rush down the aisle as soon as the ceremony has ended. I’m not sure if it’s relief or what. But you have to remember the guests spend most of the time looking at your back during the service. So much work goes into planning. Take your time when walking back down the aisle. Let them see the dress.”

To find out what else Vera has to say, click here!

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