Chic Spring Nail Polish Shades

Although I’ve already extolled the praises of pre-wedding spa days, if you don’t have the time to block out an entire day dedicated to self-pampering, scheduling a mani/pedi is an excellent (time-efficient) way to unwind. It can also be a great way to bond with your bridal party! Now that it’s finally getting nicer outside, it’s a perfect time to experiment with bright, cheery nail polishes — nudes, deep reds and sheer shades need not apply! When it comes to nail polish, Chanel is the holy grail; Peter Philps, the global creative director for Chanel Makeup, is considered a tastemaker in the beauty world. Every color that he concocts for Chanel’s runway shows flies off the shelves and inspires plenty of knockoffs. For spring and summer, Philips created several pretty polishes that I just need to share with you!

First and foremost is Riva, a shade that first debuted at Chanel’s Cruise Collection 2010-2011. This pastel baby blue polish is a breezy breath of fresh air!

chanel riva nail polish spring summer 2011 resort cruise baby blue pastel manicure fashion peter philips

Next is the standout color from the summer collection: Mimosa. A vibrant yellow, this particular color might be divisive among those of you who are more puritanical when it comes to your pedicures. However, this shade is a surefire way to inject a little sunshine into your life, and it’s surprisingly flattering against all skin tones!

chanel mimosa nail polish spring summer 2011 bright yellow manicure fashion peter philips

Finally, there’s Morning Rose, a pink polish with a subtle swirl of gold glitter. True to its name, the shade is a warm rose, and I’m confident that it will be a spring/summer favorite! Just perfect for a spring bride.

chanel morning rose nail polish spring summer 2011 pink and gold shimmer manicure fashion peter philips

Which of these colors are your favorite? Do you prefer the classic Morning Rose, or would you dare to wear Mimosa or Riva?


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